'Riester' calculator

Would you like to know how large your 'Riester' allowance is and what tax advantage you will gain?

The funding rate amounts to 25 %. This is the share of allowances and tax gains in your total annual savings.

Contributions to the Riester pension can be tax deductible as special expenses up to a maximum of 2,100 euros per year.

Funding rate
25 %

The Riester calculator was created with great care. It is meant for guidance purposes only. The BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. accepts no liability for the accuracy of all calculations.

The results of the calculation are partly based on assumptions and cannot be guaranteed. The basis is the current legal framework. These may change.

The tax treatment of the calculation tool user depends on his personal circumstances and may in future also be subject to changes (e.g. due to changes in the law or changed interpretation by tax authorities). In this tax calculation, income-related expenses and pension allowances as well as child allowances are taken into account for each employee. Income tax is levied according to the applicable income tax scale for the year 2021 for unmarried persons under the basic scale and for married persons under the splitting scale. Current income tax rates may differ. Church taxes are not calculated. Until you reach the age of 25, you have the option of receiving an additional one-time bonus of 200 euros from the state for career starters. We recommend that you check your personal data regularly and, if necessary, adjust bonus dates and contributions accordingly. In order to receive the grant, it is necessary to apply for the allowance.

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